Why never to upgrade an OS on Mothers Day

With Mother’s Day coming up tomorrow, I could of listed tech gifts for Mother’s Day but I decided to stick with some advice. Here it is: NEVER DO OS/COMPUTER UPGRADES ON MOTHER’S DAY .

You might ask why. Here is my story:

A couple of Mother’s Days ago, when I was probably eight, I was attempting to upgrade Ubuntu 10.10 to Ubuntu 11.04 . I did the upgrade through package manager. The files were still downloading when it was time to give my mon gifts. I told my Dad “This isn’t done yet” and at eight years old, a completely freaked out, because a thought that I would lose all my progress. I went crazy. And that pretty well ruined Mother’s Day

So there you go. Even though this will never happen again, I have learned that computers are one thing but your mom is more important. So tech geeks and nerds, lets take a break from our computer projects for one day and spend some time with our mothers. After all, computers are replaceable but you can’t replace your mom 🙂



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