My Social Network Preview

Hi Everyone,
I thought you might like to see a sneak peak of my social network. If you want to see the code, go to

Here are some screen shots:


This is the profile page.


Here is the messaging inbox.


Here is me logging in.

This is the home page.


As I said before, tutorials in a book format will be coming soon!
I would first like to finish the major development of Bounce before writing a new social network just for this blog.


iOS 7 Beta

I am going to be registering my iPad for use with Xcode soon. I will then be able to download the developer preview of Beta 2 and 3 for my iPad Mini. I am a little worried about my game data from “Smurf Life” but I really need to review the new iOS edition.

I will do a full review of the OS when I get it in a week or two.

Social Network

I have been taking some time of trying to find new tutorial content and have been instead working on a Social Network in Ruby On Rails. On completion of the social network (which believe me, will be at the end of my summer holiday) I will be writing a book called Making a Social Network: How to Make a Social Network and What Not To Expect from It. The code will be open source and free. If any Rails Developers are out there and want to contribute just send me an email or join the project at Github (blueexpert11/boucne)

Regardless of the Social Network I will continue to write tutorials, though no long series tutorials.