The Offline Coder Computer

While I was working on my social network project, I came across one issue:
When there was no internet it was hard to write the code.

For my social network, instead of coding it locally on the Raspberry Pi, I chose to do the majority of my coding on a freemium type site called Cloud9IDE ( and later deployed to Heroku( The solution was excellent, since Rails was slow and buggy on the Pi .

Sometimes, I need access to my code at a family members house and they don’t have a modern internet connection(That is another story for another time). Anyway, my iPad isn’t much help without wifi and neither is my Pi in this case.

Using a few things I already have around the house plus some things from Adafruit, Raspberry Pi Swag Shop, ModMyPi and the local home hardware store, I think for less then $100 I can put together a computer that is capable of running Python, Ruby, Rails, C, C++ , HTML5 and a few other languages using a Pi.

When I get this done a tutorial will be posted.


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