About SiriProxy

Have you heard of SiriProxy? It allows you to add custom commands to Siri. Apple stores Siri’s commands on a web server making it impossible to use a program like iFunBox or iPhoneExplorer to upload commands to Siri. Instead you need to create a SiriProxy Server to redirect Siri requests to your house. That is why it makes it great to install the SiriProxy Server on your device.

I am going to make a tutorial soon but I am having trouble setting it up myself. I have finally got Siri to connect to the server, but it just gives Ruby errors when I press the Siri button on my iPad.

NOTE:To see SiriProxy in action go to this link: http://www.idownloadblog.com/2011/12/09/our-own-video-demonstration-of-siri-proxy-in-action

Raspberry Pi:First Experience

This is a short post describing my first adventure with the Raspberry Pi.

I remember when the box came from Newark. Finally my Pi (Short for Raspberry Pi) had arrived. I had to wait till weekend to use it because I had my homework and other things to do. When weekend arrived I flashed an old 2GB SD Card with the Raspian OS and grabbed the keyboard and mouse only to realize, that I would have an issue connecting to Ethernet and using it with HDMI at the same time. I decided to use PUTTY to SSH into the Pi. Then when I was going to plug in my Pi to my Micro-USB cable I found out I needed a different type of Micro-USB cable, The one that comes in Cellphones and MP3 Players. I am more of an Apple guy when it comes to handheld devices, but thankfully my Dad isn’t . I borrowed his charger and fired up the Pi. What should I start with, I thought to myself, but by the time the Pi was set up I ran out of time. 🙂