iOS 7 Beta

I am going to be registering my iPad for use with Xcode soon. I will then be able to download the developer preview of Beta 2 and 3 for my iPad Mini. I am a little worried about my game data from “Smurf Life” but I really need to review the new iOS edition.

I will do a full review of the OS when I get it in a week or two.

Social Network

I have been taking some time of trying to find new tutorial content and have been instead working on a Social Network in Ruby On Rails. On completion of the social network (which believe me, will be at the end of my summer holiday) I will be writing a book called Making a Social Network: How to Make a Social Network and What Not To Expect from It. The code will be open source and free. If any Rails Developers are out there and want to contribute just send me an email or join the project at Github (blueexpert11/boucne)

Regardless of the Social Network I will continue to write tutorials, though no long series tutorials.


iMac Reduces Cord Clutter

Well it is the end of the school year. My report card was amazing as usual and so was my sisters so we replaced the old family pc with a spiffy new iMac. We had the old PC for about 8 years and it is upgraded to Windows 7 Home Premium. We had tons of cord clutter.

When we got the new Mac we plugged the cord in and set up the Mac in about 10 minutes. The Mac was faster then ever. It’s a work of art!!! Even though Mac’s are pricy they are really nice and they are a good investment.

Beginner Tech Advice and Other News

Hi Everyone,
I am back posting on the tech blog! You will start to see new posts that were once drafts and also some content aimed at computer basics and basic programming. This will be under a new section called Beginner Skills and Basic Programming.

Thanks again for coming!
And don’t forget! If you recommend my site I will recommend yours.

Why never to upgrade an OS on Mothers Day

With Mother’s Day coming up tomorrow, I could of listed tech gifts for Mother’s Day but I decided to stick with some advice. Here it is: NEVER DO OS/COMPUTER UPGRADES ON MOTHER’S DAY .

You might ask why. Here is my story:

A couple of Mother’s Days ago, when I was probably eight, I was attempting to upgrade Ubuntu 10.10 to Ubuntu 11.04 . I did the upgrade through package manager. The files were still downloading when it was time to give my mon gifts. I told my Dad “This isn’t done yet” and at eight years old, a completely freaked out, because a thought that I would lose all my progress. I went crazy. And that pretty well ruined Mother’s Day

So there you go. Even though this will never happen again, I have learned that computers are one thing but your mom is more important. So tech geeks and nerds, lets take a break from our computer projects for one day and spend some time with our mothers. After all, computers are replaceable but you can’t replace your mom 🙂